You are a phone call away from getting your business funded

Fund my startups saves you hundreds of hours by aggregating data on 1,000+ angels and venture capitalists in one place, complete with their investment interests and contact info


1,000+ investors to pitch your startup to today


Database complete with emails, phone numbers and twenty one other attributes


Create lists of your favorites and export their contacts to CSV

Our investor database includes angel investors, venture capitalists, and VC funds like:


How it works

Getting started with Fundmystarups only takes a few seconds!

1. Find relevant investors

Search through our constantly evolving database of investors categorized by what they’re most likely to invest in next

2. Save your favorite investors to your own list

Save your best investors to your investors list so you can pitch them when you are ready

3. Start pitching!

Export your investors list to CSV, import the investor contact info into your favorite email system, and start sending them your pitches

What you get with Fundmystartups


1,000+ investors at your fingertips

Fund my startups is a comprehensive database of angel investors, venture capitalists, and investment funds you can use to quickly find & contact relevant investors

Investor emails, social media profiles, phone numbers and 21 other attributes

Fund my startups is one of the largest investor contact databases available, helping you spend less time researching and more time pitching


Filter investors by their investment focuses

Our investors cover stories on every continent except Antarctica


Our investors come from funds like Sequoia, Y Combinator, and KPCB

Our investors represent thousands of funds investing in early and late stage companies


Build lists of your favorite investors and export their contact info to CSV

With Fund my startups you can create investor lists of up to 200 investors and export their emails to CSV so you can pitch them your story


Our investors come from all over the world

Our investors come from dozens of countries from America and Europe to India and China

Export your list of investors to CSV

Once you build your list of investors, you can export their contact info to CSV with a single click


Our investors invest in everything from consumer internet to fashion

Our investors have invested in tens of thousands of companies like Google and Apple

Founders & Investors love us

Our investor database has been used by dozens of companies from all over the world

"Best $299 ever spent. As a result of investors we found, we found key investors in our very niche industry that understood our market and eventually wrote checks that allowed us to close our seed round. Definitely coming back when we're ready to raise our Series A."
❤️ Sharif, Founder & CEO of AppBoost
💰 Raised $2.3M to date from investors like Sinai & AngelList
"Excellent service - highly recommend for any entrepreneurs raising early stage capital! Incredible value - delivered 100+ relevant investor emails in minutes. Can't think of any cons, excellent service and value!"
❤️ Adam, angel investor
"Great place to start when finding the best investors interested in your target market. Recommended to combine Fundmystartups with LeadIQ for getting email addresses. Outstanding and overall up to date database."
❤️ Philip, Founder & CEO of timespace
"The site is made very high quality, there is really a lot of useful content and contacts of investors from around the world! A lot of investor contacts, convenient search and many opportunities."
❤️ Alan based in Europe
"LOTS of VCs. LOTS of emails. Full text search is very sensitive."

❤️ John from Litewait Browser


If our FAQ doesn’t answer your questions, please reach out to us in our live chat in the bottom right.

What kind of investors do you have in this database?
Fund my startups has tens of thousands of investors that everything you can imagine: sports, fashion, AI, crypto, biotech, etc. Our investors are active everywhere from the USA to China and Europe to Australia––we have investors on every continent except Antarctica. The meat of our investor database is angel investors and venture capitalists
What do I do with the investor emails?
You can email each investor one-by-one; or you can add them to your own investor list, then export their emails to CSV. You can then take your CSV and upload to mass emailing software like MixMax or
What is an investor list?
An investor list is simply a list of investors created for a specific purpose. If you’re fundraising for your startup, you can put together a list of a few hundred investors in your field that you think will be interested in investing (based on the interests tags, past investments, and other data we’ve provided for you). When you’re ready to fundraise, you can start reaching out to them!
Why can’t I see investor emails?
Our basic package doesn’t come with access to investor emails––just their social media links. If you’re on a plan that includes emails, and you don’t see some, it is likely because we don’t have emails on record for that investor. This can be due to many reasons, from GDPR or privacy regulations to them not having their email publicly accessible.
How did you get this data?
We started building this dataset manually a few years ago when we started raising money for new projects. After growing it to over a thousand investors, we decided to build a few bots and compile other datasets to grow this investor database to 11k+.
How do I contact these investors?
Please don’t spam these investors! Compile a list of relevant investors you think would be interested in your project, then use an email service like Mixmax to email them.
What do the investor tags represent?
Tags for each investor represent what they’re likely to want to invest in next based on their interests and past investments.
How often is this data updated?
We make improvements to this data almost everyday, but there are always improvements to be made.
How many investors do you have?
We have over 11,000 investors, and almost 10,000 of them have emails.
What is your refund policy?
You have 24 hours to request a refund. You must leave us a message on our live chat or email us, letting us know the email address on your account. You can cancel your account anytime, but after this 24 hours, refunds aren't available.